He lifts, Bro

I was in the middle of a Lyft Line in West LA when a new rider was added to the queue. Glancing at the picture, I commented, “This guy looks like a Greek God…” Naturally, I picked up Mike at the gym. 

As we continued the drive and dropped off the original passenger, I started talking to Mike, who’s very down to earth and friendly. “So what do you do, Mike?”

“I’m a personal trainer.”

Of course he is… We pull up to his destination, and I look at him confused. “Wait, I’m not dropping you off at McDonalds, am I?!” 

“No, I live right next to the McDonalds…” His voice grow distant as he trails off in thought. “Bro, you don’t know how hard it is living next to McDonalds…” he says wistfully. 

I’m cracking up as he continues with a straight face. “Bro, this McDonalds never closes, man. It’s open 24 hours… it’s even open on Christmas and New Years when everything else is closed.” At this point I’m laughing so hard I’m worried we’re going to crash. 

So if you’re ever craving a McDonalds fix at an odd hour of the day or night, head on over to the McDonalds on Pico Blvd in Santa Monica. And if you see a muscular man on the sidewalk staring at your french fries longingly, they will taste extra special salted by the tears of a Greek God.