Car-eoke Premiere

A week ago a guy posted in one of the Facebook driver groups that he had a full karaoke setup in his car, and it’s stupidly simple: a tablet with the Red Karaoke app, a $40 wired microphone, an auxiliary cord, and a monthly subscription to the app to have access to the entire catalog of songs.

I assembled the necessary pieces for my own setup, but then was having doubts about how to pitch the idea to passengers.  It seemed so random to start talking about busting out in song when people are expecting only a ride.  While it was still in the planning phase, one passenger asked, “Will people want to do karaoke while sober?”  That gave me pause…

Then today, I was stuck in rush hour traffic, moving 5 mph.  I had an Asian passenger in the back, so I pitched the idea to her.  She seemed intrigued and asked to see the mic.  When she saw it was a full-sized mic, she got excited… and then I realized I left the tablet at home.  😦 With the enthusiasm for the prospect of car-eoke dying, I downloaded the app on my phone, and we tried it out.

The maiden voyage of car-eoke was a success!  She had a great time, and I enjoyed the spontaneous concert in the middle of rush hour traffic at 5pm.  See for yourself!  If you want to be a passenger and belt out some tunes, here is my Uzurv link so you can schedule a reservation:

Update: I uploaded the careoke video to the Red Karaoke app’s servers, and it was placed in a “Rising Stars” section of the app, causing more people to see and engage with it. The video went viral, so now she’s app-famous!  I wonder if I should have a bowl of green M&M’s ready for our next recording session?


Touring with Hans Zimmer

She was excited because tomorrow she was embarking on a world tour with her dad and Hans Zimmer

Rachel hobbled up to my car with a walking boot on her foot, a afro to be proud of, and a smile from ear to ear. She was excited because tomorrow she was embarking on a world tour with her dad and Hans Zimmer as a singer of Nigerian music. First stop on this tour was Coachella, an event she’d been avoiding until she could get comped admission or perform in it. Good thing she held out.

When she found out I had an aux cord, she plugged in her phone and proceeded to blast Bollywood music – which she grew up with – singing the words by heart in Hindi. From there we were listening to more Bollywood, then Nigerian music. Btw, she shared that Hans Zimmer is the funniest guy she knows, constantly joking between songs. Good luck on the tour, Rachel!