Let’s talk underwear…

One of my more memorable Lyft Line stories occurred a few months ago. First passenger was a Latina woman with a 2 year old. Thankfully, she had a car seat with her and strapped her child in safely. The next passenger was an Asian man who sat up front. The third passenger was the stereotypical young Asian female who was petite, quiet, and demure. All passengers were in their 20’s, and the ride was in rush hour afternoon traffic, so we weren’t going very fast. The majority of the ride was filled with silence as everyone stayed in their world.  

I dropped off the mother first.  As we drove to the Asian guy’s stop, he fielded a personal call on his cell phone. I lowered the music volume so he could speak… and he did… for a long time, out loud… very loudly. 

“Yeah, so I’m adamantly against Mike and his idea of doing women’s lingerie. I mean, he’s a guy. Why does he think women would want to buy lingerie made by a man? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll sell it. I can sell anything, but I just think it’s going to be a very tough sell. I think our best bet is going to be a company like meundies. Even then, I think the volume we would need to make this new company profitable would be too much. I don’t think it makes business sense, you know what I mean?”

That was the gist of the conversation, and it went on for like 10 mins. He was also one of those people who was yelling into his phone even though he didn’t need to. So there he is, screaming into his phone about non-profitable women’s underwear being designed by his male friend while I sat there thinking, “Man, I really dislike this carpool feature…”

We arrived at his destination and he exited. I can’t see my final passenger (the quiet Asian woman) because she’s directly behind me, so I asked her, “You doing alright back there?” She acknowledged she was still alive. “That whole conversation about his friend’s underwear brand using his outside voice was weird right?”

“Yup…” she said. “I Snapchatted the whole thing. It was glorious!”  It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. 😉