Normally, I change the passenger’s name for anonymity, but in this story, the username in Lyft was really Wildcat. Of course there was no picture, so I drove to the destination in Hermosa Beach not knowing what to expect. I hit the “arrive” button and waited. 

Bounding up to the car was a petite, blonde girl dressed in one of those Halloween M&M costumes… except she wasn’t an M&M. She was a green shamrock, which is fitting because this was on St Patrick’s Day. She was followed by three other female friends about the same age and also festively garbed for the daylong drinking party. 

“Wildcat?” I asked as she entered the car. Her friends started laughing hysterically. 

“I forgot you did that!” One of her companions said between laughs. 

Wildcat looked at me, smiling and said, “Yup!  Be honest, what did you think a Wildcat would look like?” 

I gave her green M&M-like attire a once over and said, “…not this, I have to admit.” She was rocking a pair of attention-grabbing, extra-long green eyelashes along with shamrock head boppers, and shamrock henna face tattoos. Plus, there was glitter all around. She looked stunning. 

“Most people I talk to expect a tall, intimidating black guy, and then I roll up saying, ‘It me!'”

Off we drove, to a nearby bar in Redondo Beach. She pulled at the edges of her shamrock costume and said, “You know what, this outfit is kinda great… I could be 8 months pregnant and nobody would know. It hides everything!  This is rad.” She continued to chat as if we had known each other for 20 years. 

Turns out she was a nurse, and she recommended I get out and stretch regularly, as opposed to sitting in a car all day. She was worried I would get blood clots from doing that… such a thoughtful Wildcat!  She ended the ride saying she wished they would get me for the ride back home, and I wished the same, but alas it didn’t happen. Fellow Lyft drivers, if you come across Wildcat in your travels, treat her well, and remember to stretch regularly!